Understanding the Third Eye Chakra

“Book that flight,” said Spirit. “Explore, invest, create!” 🔮

As it turned out, my trip to Tucson for the annual gem show was one of my best moves. ✈️ High vibes, new suppliers, impeccable quality, ethically-sourced crystals on crystals … let’s just say, it’s gonna be a great year! I’ve plenty of heat I’m eager to share with y’all. 🔥💎

But I didn’t do it alone. I’ve a healthy third eye chakra to thank for the spiritual insight, intuition and endless imagination.

A balanced third eye chakra

When it’s balanced, I can hear God speak as my intuition is heightened, I’ve a deeper connection to my inner self, and a stronger sense of purpose and clarity. I’m more likely to trust my instincts, step out on faith, leap and make moves that are aligned with my inner voice. 

An imbalanced third eye chakra

But when this chakra is blocked, doubt and confusion can creep in making it harder for you to trust your inner knowing. You may feel disconnected, indecisive and struggle with taking bold actions.

It’s imperative that this energy center remains open and balanced.

How to balance the third eye chakra

The third eye chakra sits in the center of our forehead, between our brows. Meditate with deep blue and purple gems to keep it thriving. 🧘🏽‍♀️ 

Spending time in nature and on your yoga mat will also help the flow of energy to and from this chakra 🌳 as well as foods like purple cabbage, purple carrots, eggplants, grapes and blueberries. 🫐 🍇

We’ll delve into the third eye more over the next week or so. Don’t worry. No rush. We’ve plenty of time to chat energy, balance and chakras. 

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