Full Strawberry Moon 2023 – Harness Its Energy with These Simple Rituals

It’s here, lovelies! The Strawberry Moon! The last full moon of spring and first of summer.

It’s a powerful time to release what isn’t serving us and attract more of what we put in motion during the new moon in Taurus.

Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with our lunar lady!

Here are a few full moon rituals that will help you do that:

Crystals! The energy from the full moon is potent, perfect for cleansing and charging your crystals. Gather your full moon stones — citrine, fluorite, onyx, moonstone, amethyst and aquamarine. Place them outside in an open space so they can spend the night charging under moonlight.

Release. Full moons are known to help you release anything that isn’t serving you – and make space for more of what you desire. Spend some time reflecting tonight. What comes to mind? List all thoughts, beliefs and patterns you’re ready to release. Fold that piece of paper and set it on fire.

Intentions. What do you want? What do you need more of? What are you ready to manifest? Write down your desires. Review your list – add, tweak and when it’s complete, set your intentions.    

Meditate. I love meditating outdoors. It’s a must for me. During a full moon? It’s extra special. During a supermoon?! Now that’s some next level shit! 😉 Use this time, the moon’s energy and mother nature to connect with your higher consciousness. Reflect on your intentions and recite your affirmations.

Moon Water. Fill your mason jars with water and sit them outside. It’s what us alchemists call “making moon water.” You can refrigerate it tomorrow or keep it room temperature, whichever you prefer. I use it for drinking water, also to water my indoor plants, and next to my bed. Use yours any way you please.

Give thanks. Abundance is forever flowing. All that you want is available. You must align with it to manifest it. The Strawberry Moon is a great opportunity to do that. Give thanks – deep gratitude for that ability, for all that is, all that you have, and all that you are manifesting.

These rituals are a few of my faves. There are countless others. I would love to know how you’re tapping into this year’s Strawberry Moon energy?!

Which crystals are you working with?!