5 Surefire Ways to Cleanse Your Healing Crystals and Why You Should

Crystals have been treasured for their healing properties for centuries. Gemstones like quartz, amethyst, citrine, lapis and obsidian are believed to carry unique vibrations we can all tap into.

However, just as crystals can emit energy that aids in our healing, they can also absorb negative, toxic vibrations we are better without. Cleansing your crystals regularly is a must to keep them functioning at their best.

We will explore common methods you can use for cleansing, but first let’s get clear on why you should.

Why Crystal Cleansing Is So Important

Crystals are well-known for their ability to affect one’s physical, mental, and emotional states. My ancestors relied on them for protection, to attract prosperity, for strength and overall well-being. I’m sure your ancestors did too.

But during their journey from source to you, crystals can absorb low vibrational energy. The same can be true if you work with crystals to clear and release toxic and unhealthy energies you’ve attracted along your personal journey.

Cleansing your crystals before you begin to work with them, and regularly during your healing process will prove to be extremely beneficial.

Not only can it remove harmful energies, it can also create space for the new, fresh and positive energies you desire. This act of care makes it possible for you to get the most out of the crystals you’ve chosen to work with. 

Common Ways to Cleanse Healing Crystals

Crystal cleansing is a simple process though there are different methods you can use. Some are better than others depending on the type of crystal you’re cleaning and how delicate it is.

Here are a few methods to consider:


Smudging with sage, palo santo, rosemary, sweetgrass and other dry herbs is a common practice to rid your home of unwanted energy. We have our Native American ancestors to thank for introducing us to smudging ceremonies decades ago. It’s now commonly used as a simple yet effective way to cleanse healing stones.

Open a window, light your herb bundle, and let the smoke thoroughly waft over your crystals for several minutes.

When done, place the bundle in a metal dish and allow it to continue burning while the smoke moves through every inch of your living space. You will thank me later. 😉

Dry Sea Salt

For years, salt has also been used to clean spaces of negative energy. I’ve elders that kept it around their front and back doors and to this day, I do too.

I also use sea salt to banish lackluster vibes from my hard crystals, like amethyst, quartz, aventurine, lapis lazuli, onyx and obsidian.

It’s easy. Place your crystals in a bowl and cover them fully with dry sea salt. Let them sit overnight or up to 24 hours. Remove them from the salt, rinse with clean water and you’re ready to go.

Salt Water

I’m a Georgia native, born and raised many miles away from salt water. But when I’m on the west coast (my second home), steps away from the ocean, I submerge my crystals in salt water for hours to deep cleanse.

Use a container to collect water from the ocean, enough to cover the stones you wish to clean. Submerge your stones, hard crystals only as this method is not recommended for soft, brittle gems.

After a few hours, rinse them with clean running water before drying. Give it a try and let me know how it works for you.    


Moonlight cleansing is one of the most popular methods used these days. It’s quite effective and safe for all types of crystals.

Simply place your gems outside, preferably under a full moon, and let them rest overnight. The moon’s energy will strip away all that needs to go so they’re ready to aid you.


Last but never least, sunlight – my go-to for most everything! 🙂

My crystals and gemstones are no different as sunlight is great for energizing and charging. After a night with the moon, I like to place my gems under the morning sun and leave them outside well into the day. It’s usually the last step of my cleansing practice and gets my beauties ready for new intentions.

What you can expect…

Though crystals have been respected for their natural healing energies for ages, as with any tool, they’re most effective when they’re kept clean and cared for. Be sure to cleanse your crystals regularly so they’re free of unwanted energies and available to support you at their highest frequencies.

Over the next week or so, we will continue this discussion and delve into setting intentions, programming and meditating with crystals. Spend some time cleaning your gems now so you’re ready to tap in.

If you have questions, I’m only an email or consultation away. Join the tribe if you haven’t already!