How to Thrive During Mercury Retrograde Like a Gem Alchemist

Yes. Mercury is in retrograde.

Yes. You will be fine.

You will survive … and thrive!

Mercury is the planet that rules communication. When it’s in retrograde, miscommunication and disagreements are inevitable. Glitches in technology are likely. Travel plans can be affected.

And you may want to hold off on signing contracts and making large purchases for now.

Unless of course, you’re covered with a bit of crystal magic.

Mercury is in retrograde a few times each year.

In 2023, from April 21 to May 14 — then again August 23 to September 14 — and lastly, from December 13 to January 1, 2024.

These celestial pauses aren’t to be feared or anxiously anticipated. In fact, much can be accomplished during these times.

While Mercury is chilling, I use the time to reflect, review and reassess my business endeavors. I reflect on what is working, and thoroughly review what is not. I reassess strategies, identify better solutions, and focus on completing unfinished projects.

But I don’t go it alone.

Here are 5 crystals I keep on and around me throughout Mercury Retrograde:   

Clear Quartz

a high vibration stone, known as the master healer

Clear quartz is my go-to for spiritual cleansing. It keeps my vibration high and my aura top tier. It also enhances the healing properties of stones it is paired with and brings clarity of thought in any situation. It’s a master healer and master manifestor, the best of both worlds.


a highly protective and grounding crystal

Obsidian is a highly protective crystal that repels negative energies, and will shield you in conflicts you may encounter during retrograde. This gem will help you remain grounded and centered as you focus on projects that need your immediate attention.


a mental clarity enhancer and decision maker

Fluorite is a truly captivating crystal that has long been treasured. It not only improves mental clarity and focus, it reduces distractions and motivates you to get things done. A great tool for any project that requires analytical reasoning. This crystal will be extremely beneficial for anyone making business decisions.


the creative’s ally and wealth attractor

Malachite is the yang to your yin. It enhances creativity, promotes right action, attracts and protects wealth. It will encourage you to share your creative gifts without ego-driven motivations, and help you overcome difficulties while staying true to your integrity. It’s a powerful ally for creatives and an abundance attractor.

Blue Lace Agate 

a peaceful, nurturing and tolerant stone

Blue lace agate is a calming throat chakra crystal. It promotes peace, patience and tolerance. Keep it close during retrograde to help you communicate effectively, reduce misunderstandings, and see multiple sides of an issue.

Let’s change the narrative surrounding Mercury Retrograde. It isn’t to be feared and avoided, but yet embraced and used to reflect on and delve into projects that can use a fresh pair of eyes. I’ve shared five crystals to help you do just that. Did I forget any you like to use? Let me know in the comments below.