12 Crystals You Want in Your Spiritual Arsenal 

Since the beginning of time, natural stones have been cherished for their power and healing energies. The Bible mentions 12 gems embedded in the breastplates of priests, each representing a tribe of Israel.

Prophet Muhammad is said to have worn a carnelian ring on his right hand for protection against evil. 

Turquoise was adored throughout Egypt, along with peridot, lapis lazuli and many other stones.

The Ancient Chinese have a well-documented affection for jade. They’ve mined it since 6000 BC and still do to this day.

Our ancestors are wise, you know. Their practice of extracting natural stones from the earth, tapping into their frequencies, and using that energy in their daily lives is what I’ve coined “gem alchemy.” 

Here are 12 crystals you’d be wise to have around …

Agate. Amethyst. Clear Quartz. Onyx. Citrine. Carnelian. Turquoise. Tiger’s Eye. Lapis Lazuli. Jade. Rose Quartz. Red Jasper.

With the help of these stones, you can balance your chakras, heal, connect with source, and navigate life harmoniously. 

But it doesn’t stop with healing. Some of us have done the work and already healed the traumas. For us, it’s about thriving – living our best lives, while attracting what we need and manifesting the desires of our hearts. 

Whether you’re new to crystal therapy or a seasoned gem alchemist, at the beginning of your healing journey or ready to birth that new you – you can procure the gems you need to awaken your spiritual mojo here.

I’m living proof it can be done – and done well. 

But it’s not for everyone. I won’t pretend it is. Not everyone is called.

If you’re one of the chosen, stick around. You’ll find many like you in this tribe. We’ll delve more into spiritual arsenals and why each gem listed above is essential.

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