How To Tap Into Your Healing Crystals

For centuries, crystals have been used for spiritual and healing purposes. They possess unique energetic vibrations that can help us live harmonious lives in alignment with our desires.

Whether you want to maintain your focus, enhance your creativity, or improve your patience as you manifest new ‘tings, there is a crystal that can assist you with that.

Choose the Best Crystal for You

Choosing a crystal that is ideal for you is a personal process. The goal is to identify a stone that has the healing energies you need along your journey.

What’s good for you may differ from what’s good for me or the next person.

Think about what you want to achieve. Be brutally honest with yourself. Once you have an objective in mind, you can start searching for crystals that are known to possess energy that aligns with your needs

1. Research various crystals and note the healing properties associated with each.

2. Trust your intuition and only consider stones that you feel naturally drawn to.

3. Be open to guidance from experts well-versed in crystals, alchemy – and both. 😉

Prepare Your Crystal

Because crystals absorb energy from their surroundings, they can easily accumulate negative, unhealthy energies over time. It’s important to cleanse your crystals before you begin to work with them, and to keep them clean and charged to ensure they’re emitting top-tier vibrations and functioning optimally.

To cleanse, place your stones under running water or smudge them using white sage or other herb bundles. To keep them charged, let them bask in the sun for a few hours or leave them under moonlight overnight.

If you purchased your stones from us, you can skip this step as all of our gems are cleansed and charged before they are shipped and will arrive ready for you to work with.

If you weren’t that lucky 🙂 here are five surefire ways to prepare your crystals.

Connect With Your Crystal

Now that you’ve selected and charged your stone, the real fun begins! Let’s review a few ways you can connect with your gem …

Set Intentions: Setting clear intentions is a powerful practice, an essential step towards manifesting your desires. Focus your energy and attention on a specific outcome and ask the universe for what you want.

Hold Your Crystal: With a gemstone in hand, focus on your intentions. Visualize yourself carrying out the plans you have set. Allow yourself to feel the emotions associated with accomplishing all that you desire. If you are manifesting a new job, imagine yourself working in the position, and experiencing feelings of happiness, gratitude, and fulfillment. This is a quick practice I often use to kickstart my days.

Carry Your Crystals: There aren’t many places I go, rooms I enter, or tables I sit at without a crystal or two on me. It just doesn’t happen! Be it in my purse, around my neck, on my wrist or in my bra lol, I even keep a couple of protective gems in my truck and in the saddlebags of my motorcycle. Yes! I keep my stones near at all times to ensure I’m covered with top tier vibes and healing energies throughout the day.

Place Crystals Around Your Home: Just as stones exude energies that are beneficial for us, they can also rid our spaces of stale, stagnant and harmful energies. Place crystals around your home to enable a healthy, harmonious flow of energy. I keep amethyst and rose quartz in my bedroom for the lovely, peaceful vibes they give off, Carnelian is a must in my craft room because it helps stimulate my creativity. Green aventurine in my home office for success and prosperity, and black tourmaline and obsidian near my doors for protection.  These are just a few that work well for me. Your list will likely be different, which is fine.

Meditate With Your Crystals: Because crystals possess healing energies we need, they are great companions for our meditation practice. Choose a stone that aligns the crystal’s energy flowing into and throughout your body while taking, deep intentional breaths. For more on chakra meditations, be sure to download our ebooks!

In Conclusion

Healing crystals are undeniably powerful tools. Whether you wear them as jewelry, place them in your home, use them during meditation or all the above, crystals can help you balance your chakras, create a more harmonious life, and achieve your desired outcomes.

Get to know various stones in the Know thy Crystal section we created for you or reach out if you have questions that aren’t answered on the blog. And be sure to join our tribe for behind-the-scenes content that only our VIPs are privy too.